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Involuted Figures & Black Holes

New Museum of Hyper-Objects

Nominated for Archiprix 2017 in AHMEDABAD

A biennial competition for the World Best Graduation Project Award

Published in Pressing Matters 4

New York, USA

Jan. 2015 - Apr. 2015

University of Pennsylvania 

Instructor: Tom Wiscombe

The project is focusing on how the future cultural building can have their new interiority. Especially, one of the main objectivity for this project is to maximize the spatial potential by reacting successively between outside and inside of the building features. Their spatial connectivity is accompanied by mysterious effect on the building exterior. The object is a vertical museum. Verticality alludes to its civic function, but also maintains the building’s distinction from the horizontality of the infrastructural buildings. The combination of objects with particular shape determine overall building shape and spatial relation. As the objects is able to keep existing or being subtracted in the building, those trials allows inside and outside to be equivocal. As a result of that, people who visit to the museum can experience an infinite expansion of the space. In order to understand inside spaces, 3-dimensional modeling, physical model making and animating were used which helped inner connection of spaces to have strong correlation with exterior design conjunctly. When it comes to material innovation, the exploration fake and real shadows, reflections, and halos, in terms of how they may emanate from objects and deep involutions and the be reined into physical features. These features may exist as surface effect, such as changes of material or sheen, or they may be used to transform the 3-dimensional mass more aggressively.

New Interiority

"Subtracted figures generate mega-dark holes in which multiple reflected-effect results in maximization of a mysteriousness with faked tattoo and real one, being a catalyst to extend for new interiority."

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